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By: Lindsey White
July 15, 2011

Most people who have attended previous state conventions remember how useful tissues can be in the seventh general session. It is difficult for many members and guests to avoid being overcome by the emotion of the final goodbye and last walk of the past year's state officers.

Thousands of individuals had the opportunity to meet and interact with the 10 individuals who served the Texas FFA Association during the past year. Today, as the members of the 2010-2011 Texas FFA Officer Team hang up their officer jackets, members and guests reflect on the valuable contributions these state officers have made to our experience in FFA this year.

During their retiring addresses, the officer team left the following words of inspiration to the members:

Mason Parish – Area III

“We, as a society, allow ourselves to continuously focus on the opportunities for our own success and our own promotion when we should be asking ourselves 'why, what and when?' Why am I here on this Earth? What am I going to do about it, and when will I start living for those around me?”

Daylon Koster – Area VII

"Maybe what we are looking for is something we can't even see. And it could be different for everyone. It could be breaking an old habit, stepping out of your comfort zone, forming a new relationship or mending a broken one. Who knows?"

Gavin Luckett – Area I

“You have to find what makes you special, what you love, and use it to change the world. Because in the end, you can't live anyone else's life. You have to live your life.”

Calan Ahrens – Area II

"B.I.G. stands for the Best I Got, and in order to be the best we got, we first need to have determination to pursue our goals, next we need to believe in our potential, and lastly we need perseverance to battle through any of life's struggles."

Katelyn Perry – Area IV

“We all have the power within ourselves to make our wildest dreams and aspirations come true. We just have to overcome all of those silly little things that we think are standing in our way.”

Leslie Johnson – Area V

“Everyone messes up. Everyone falls. And with compassion from others, everyone eventually will get back up again.”

Tanner Smith – Area VI

“Now is our time to start taking the chances to achieve our dreams, so when you get your shot, take it!”

Will Ellis – Area VIII

“Your life is what you make of it. Don't wait to risk for what is right. Don't wait to take control of your life. Don't wait to risk beyond what people limit you to. Why? Because life is worth the risk!”

Colt Gresham – Area IX

“The best advice I have for you is this, 'G.O.” which means “Get Out!” Get out and go do something with your life. 'GO' and get out of your comfort zone; 'GO' find your power within and be that person who you truly are! Get out and go be a positive influence in someone's life! So go, Texas FFA, go where the streets have no name and make a name for them!”

Patrick Byrne – Area X

“Texas FFA, it's time to turn our lives around. It's time for us to live now. It's time for us to live consciously. And, it's time for us to live the change!”