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By: Chelsey Weems, Liberty Hill FFA
July 10, 2013


After months of preparation and hundreds of miles traveled, the rodeo participants attended this year’s Texas FFA Rodeo to compete against one another in hopes of winning the coveted title. After seeing a surplus of close times and scores, some just milliseconds apart, a select few qualified for the final round held Tuesday, July 9.

North Lamar FFA member Chelcee Conrad, a first time Texas FFA Rodeo competitor with dreams and aspirations to attend college on a rodeo scholarship, competed in the finals in goat tying and breakaway roping. Competing with years of experience, Conrad was able to come out of the tough competition satisfied with her performance.

“The experience is unforgettable, and it’s a fun and exciting rodeo to ride in,” Conrad said.

Alongside Conrad, FFA members Kyle Parrish, Reid Halbert, Blaine Greener and Jaylor Lindsey were accepted into the finals for a mixture of events which included steer wrestling, calf roping and team roping.

Treating this rodeo experience like any other, Needville FFA member Reid Halbert, who has been heavily involved in rodeo for many years, also competed in the finals.

"I hope everyone does their best,” he said.

Jaylon Lindsey of the Hempstead FFA Chapter, who tends to have a slight nervous spell at the beginning of each round, won second in the calf roping and fourth in the team roping during the first round.

Twin brothers Brad and Brent Beckham from Diana FFA competed in this year’s team roping. Having been inspired by their sister when she competed in various rodeos, the brothers decided to make a career of their passion. Competing for their fourth year at the Texas FFA Rodeo, the brothers managed to make it into the final round, carrying on the family’s success in the roping business.

Local arena worker Tye Downs has been helping around the premises for many years, working with Texas FFA members on a more personal level. Downs enjoys working with the organization, because he is given the chance to meet many great kids.

These rodeo contestants spend their days working extensively to perfect their form, correct their mistakes and bring home the buckle from their next event. The hardworking youth have worked to create an atmosphere of leadership and dedication.

Top 10 Teams
  1. Madisonville
  2. Needville
  3. Elgin
  4. Angleton
  5. Roby
  6. Lockhart
  7. New Diana
  8. Faith Academy
  9. Waller
  10. Midlothian

The following are sorted by the average. First place is the scholarship winner.

Breakaway Roping

  1. Rigby Baker
  2. Jimmie Smith
  3. Kelsey Supak
  4. Audra Hodgson
  5. Kendell Emmons
  6. Chelcee Conrad
  7. Nealy Edmondson
  8. Matti Smith
  9. Lindsey Knobloch
  10. Tacy Webb

 Calf Roping

  1. Chris McCuistion
  2. Rhett Sbrusch
  3. Ty Arnold
  4. Hett Jackson
  5. Tyler Raine
  6. Parker Slate
  7. Blaine Greener
  8. Weston Greener
  9. Monte Jack Starnes
  10. Jaylon Lindsey

Steer Wrestlers

  1. Kyle Parrish
  2. Wyatt Sbrush
  3. Reid Halbert
  4. Calvin Brooks
  5. Rhett Sbrush
  6. Troy Reese
  7. Coleman Franz
  8. Blake Giese

 Barrel Racing

  1. Bailey Reina
  2. Nealy Edmondson
  3. Shelbi Schneider
  4. August Nobile
  5. Natallie Swenson
  6. Alyssa Ingley
  7. Emilee Polansky
  8. Emily Chapman
  9. Madison Bexley
  10. Shelbie Parrish

Goat Tying Run

  1. Shayna Johnson
  2. Jimmie Smith
  3. Abby Slagle
  4. Harley Lynn
  5. Keli Morgan
  6. Tacy Webb
  7. Lainey Cooper
  8. Chelcee Conrad
  9. Bailey Reina
  10. Katie Boyd

 Team Roping

  1. Cord Kohleffel / Kaine Warhken
  2. Addison Shelton / Laramie Eppler
  3. Reid Halbert / Blaine Breener
  4. Dylan Schroeder / Blake Giese
  5. Brent Beckham / Brad Beckham
  6. Joe Clanton / Kyler Shaw
  7. Monte Jack Starns / Ty Arnold
  8. Tyler Hamilton / Jared Barta
  9. Logan Tatum / Blake Wheeler
  10. Tyler Roesner / Jaylan Lindsey