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By: Kimberly Sigala, Academy Pride FFA
September 01, 2010



Allison Grainger

“It was an honor to serve as a state officer this past year and our team simply hopes that each FFA member is inspired to start working toward the one ambition that drives them to success.”

Kaleb McLaurin
“If you are not willing to fight for what you believe today, tomorrow you won’t have anything to believe in at all.”

Katie Heinrich

“A longing for realizing just how simple our lives are. In the end you are just left with the one thing that remains constant. Beauty. It is dancing with a passion that only lives in your soul, smiling just for the heck of it, praying without cease. It is the little things that surround every breath we take; the powerful statement that says “all shall be well”. Texas FFA the world is a beautiful place. We must see the value it brings to our lives.”

Miles Vann

“Prepare yourself for open and closed doors. When doing the small things, just remember they matter most. Texas FFA what will your legacy be? I challenge you to leave no doubt.”

Aron Hutchins

“Will they remember that you lived a life of happiness of love, all because you had grasp the missing piece, you figured the formula that they hadn't, and Texas FFA that you figured out that you cannot change the world unless you change yourself.”

Jeremiah Miller

“Never allow yourself to have regrets about helping people. The point is not to act with gaining something in return, but acting just to act. Texas FFA when given the opportunity to help don’t wait, just give.”

Layton Norwood

“Today I think it's time for all of us to stop banging our heads on the wall about not being able to do something that we probably weren't meant to do anyways. Instead we should all find a talent that lies in us that we can do instead. We spend so much time trying to imitate others, and do what they do, but today it's time to stop trying to do what everyone else is doing. Texas FFA its time to DO YOU!”          

Tyler Bradfield

“Help others and live life to the fullest and you will be great.” “Apply your talents to your passions in a way that helps others, and my friends you will be legends. Texas FFA it starts with one thought, one decision, and one action proving to yourself that you have lived truly lived.”

Dakotah Williams

“You have the power to recognize, you have the power to care, you have the power to listen, you have the power to serve others. Texas FFA it is time for us to change the world and that starts with one. So today let's commit to helping others. Texas FFA it is time to really see and open your eyes! The time is today!!”

Kody Kale

“Just because someone told you, you can't do something or your future is already planned for you. That doesn't mean anything it's you who has the final say in what happens in your life. It's you who chooses your future. So Texas FFA don't go down that easy road just because its expected of you, go down the road less traveled.”