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By: Texas FFA Convention Chronicle
July 14, 2015


Area I

Kaylynn Kiker:

Hello Texas FFA,

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for this year’s State FFA Convention! It is crazy to think that exactly four years ago I was sitting in this exact same convention hall in Corpus Christi eagerly awaiting my first State Convention. Much has changed in those four years, but I still get the same anxious feeling as I enter a convention hall packed full of blue corduroy jackets. I consider myself so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing, influential, and progressive organization. The FFA has so much to offer each of you, and I encourage you to let this week of convention motivate and inspire you to get involved, work hard and achieve success while using all the values FFA teaches us. So FFA members, it is up to you to make the most out of this organization, I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

Kaylynn Kiker
Area I State Officer Candidate

Mason Kleman:

Thank you for allowing me to have the incredible opportunity to run for state officer. Being a state officer is something that I have dreamed of and worked for since I was in junior high. I have always looked up to the state officers and admired the chance that they had to travel around the state where they met so many FFA members and helped them grow as members and individuals. The FFA is an organization that has given me so many things as well as presented me with opportunities that have helped me develop as a person. As the son of a fourth-generation farmer, I have always loved farming and agriculture, but through the FFA I have been able to turn that love into an intense passion. The FFA has been such a huge part of my life, and I hope to show you how it can be a huge part of your life as well. I also hope to continue my own journey in the FFA as your next state officer from the Area I Association.

Mason Kleman
Area I State Officer Candidate


Area II

Rayann Box:

My name is Rayann Box of the Pecos FFA Chapter and the true blue Area II Association. To me, life is a song and so music is very important in my life. I almost constantly have a song in my head and you probably do too. Whether they are sad, happy, heartfelt or angry, songs have a way of touching our hearts. Do you have a playlist that you like to listen to when you’re down and out? Or maybe while you’re working out? How about when you’re hanging out with friends? Music touches our lives in many ways. Hearing a song now can take you back years to a certain event that changed your life. That certain song can completely change your mood, whether it is a sad song while you’re happy or vice versa. I can almost always relate something that’s going on with me to a song. The right song helps me tune out what’s bad and tune in to what’s good. Texas FFA, I’m still writing my song. So far it’s playing out pretty well, but I need a little help on the next verse. I’d like it to be about the 2015-2016 Texas FFA State President. Will help me compose my own masterpiece?

Rayann Box
Area II State Officer Candidate

Alec Reed Winfrey:

My favorite two colors are the blue and gold. The greatest thing about these colors is they represent my favorite youth leadership organization in the world—FFA. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be running to serve as your Texas FFA President Candidate. FFA is a place of opportunities for every single member. This amazing organization has proven many times to encourage countless members as they strive to discover who they are. Through leadership, personal growth and career success we have the chance to discover our passions in life. At the same time FFA allows us to utilize these passions to serve and work to make this world a better place to live. The 87th Texas FFA Convention theme is “RISE”. I challenge you to “rise up” and take advantage of the opportunities offered to make the best out of every single chance we are given to serve. I would be both humbled and proud to represent and serve you this next year as your Texas FFA President.

God Bless,

Alec Reed Winfrey
Area II State Officer Candidate


Area III

Kaleb Dautrich:

Why Not? Four years ago I sat at the 2012 State Convention and listened to this question asked as our President Peyton Gilbert gave his retiring address. His words forever changed my dreams and goals. Why not believe I have what it takes to stand on that stage and challenge my peers to be the best they can be and put their trust in me. Why not realize I have the ability to make a difference for the organization I have grown to love so deeply. Why not believe one day I could be the Texas FFA President! From that day forward in 2012 I have given my all to FFA and it has given me a passion to serve and make a difference for others. There is something special about the blue and gold jacket each of us zips up when we represent this organization. Whether it is the first time we put it on as a Greenhand or the last time we take it off as a Senior, every moment we spend in it are memories we will never forget and even more so, it represents all the lessons we have learned in becoming strong people. Texas FFA I want to continue waking up every morning and slipping on this jacket. I want to fulfill my dream of accomplishing “Why Not” and represent you and our great state as the next FFA President. I am ready to take this great responsibility head-on and proudly represent each of you as we continue to make Texas FFA the greatest association in the nation. So, Texas FFA “Why Not” make this year a little more special and zip up your jackets with me as your 2015-2016 President.

Kaleb Dautrich
Area III State Officer Candidate

Caitlin Lakey:

Howdy Texas FFA,

From the first time I slipped on that corduroy jacket I knew I was in for a ride, but I never imagined just how much this organization would come to mean to me. Through this ride I’ve been unbelievably blessed to develop a passion for this organization. However, the biggest privilege I’ve had has been getting to know FFA members all across this great state. The past four years have taught me more than I could put on a piece of paper and I am so beyond grateful for this opportunity. Each of our rides is different, yet we all manage to come together as one when we zip up that corduroy jacket. We go through bumps, but we overcome them and continue our journey until we’ve helped each other reach our dreams. In four years, many of y’all have given me so much support in accomplishing my dreams, but this is my turn to do it for you. Take the wheel to your dreams and keep accomplishing what others may believe to be impossible. I can’t wait to help each of you on your ride and see how far you travel.

Caitlin Lakey
Area III State Officer Candidate


Area IV

Brice Boyd:

Howdy Texas FFA,

I’m so glad all of ya’ll made it to convention this year! My name is Brice Boyd and I just graduated from Hamilton, Texas, which is about 45 minutes south of Stephenville. After attending my first state convention in 2012, right here in Corpus Christi, I realized that I had the desire to run for Texas FFA State President. I would like to remind everyone that we will be conducting some serious business here, and I hope that you treat it as such. But also remember that convention is one of the most fun weeks of the year, and I hope that all of you are adequately enjoying Corpus Christi! Have fun with your friends and make new ones, make memories, and remember that they hand out tons of free stuff in the exhibit hall! This is my fourth year to be a part of the best youth organization in the world, and every time I get the chance to zip up my jacket I remember back to my first convention when Peyton Gilbert gave his retiring address. He said: “Your life is God’s gift to you, but what you do with it is your gift to God.” Remember to live fearlessly and live a life people will talk about in a hundred years.

Brice Boyd
Area IV State Officer Candidate

Samuel Seay:

Howdy Texas FFA Delegates!

I would like to exuberantly welcome you to the Texas FFA State Convention! My name is Sam Seay, a graduated senior from Cisco High School. My four years in the FFA have been without a doubt the best of my life. I have enjoyed every opportunity to represent Texas FFA in the corduroy jacket, and constantly strive to advocate for agriculture. Agriculture has been a mainstay in my life, and I seek out every opportunity to help our great organization. I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, and as your Texas FFA President I will relentlessly work to ensure the continuation of American agriculture and its practices that have made this country so great.

Sam Seay
Area IV State Officer Candidate
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” - John C. Maxwell


Area V

Micah Davidson:

Howdy Texas FFA!

Welcome to the 2015 Texas FFA State Convention. It is an honor and pleasure to be running for Texas FFA President. When I was in elementary school, everyone in my class could have probably told you what my favorite animal was. I talked about pigs 24/7 and they were basically all that I thought about. As I got older, I realized one thing that my future had in store. I knew from a young age that I would be an active member of the FFA. At the time, I would have only connected FFA to pigs, but I soon realized that it is so much more than that. The FFA strives to inspire its members to be leaders within our communities, our state, and our country. Leaders that are developed in the FFA hold onto key values such as integrity, honesty and character. I consider it an honor to serve an organization that represents such solid teachings. I hope to continue representing and serving you, the Texas FFA. Together, we can cultivate the soils of today for the agriculturalists of the future.

Micah Davidson
Area V State Officer Candidate

Victoria Jenks:

Hello Texas FFA Members,

Welcome to the 87th Texas FFA State Convention! My name is Victoria Jenks from the Plano FFA Chapter. After moving to my third high school, I joined the FFA where I have been an active member for three years now! Throughout these three years fellow FFA members across the state have inspired me to run for Texas FFA State President. Whether it was conventions, stock shows, LCDEs, or CDEs I have seen firsthand FFA members RISE to the occasion and live out the last sentence of our motto, “living to serve.” Through state office I plan to do the same by serving the Texas FFA and its members, whether it is helping you RISE above or just maintaining your (corn) gold standards. So Texas FFA, I encourage you to remember that you may stumble and fall but you will RISE again and there are no limits to where you can go or what you can do.

Victoria Jenks
Area V State Officer Candidate
“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of success or failure in the mind of another.” -Napoleon Hill


Area VI

Jacy Brynn Darby:

Hello Texas FFA Members,

Welcome to the Texas FFA State Convention. I am Jacy Brynn Darby, a Harmony High School graduate and five-year member of the FFA. Joining the FFA was the best decision I have ever made. My inspiration to run for Texas FFA state office, was fueled by my attendance of 17 state conventions with my parents, who are also my ag teachers. When it was finally my turn to wear the blue jacket, I took the opportunity and ran with it. I want to use my time in the blue and gold to show others that there is always someone who cares about them, and inspire FFA members to accomplish their dreams. Texas FFA, “Never let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love and in purity.” - 1 Timothy 4:12

Jacy Brynn Darby
Area VI State Officer Candidate

Terianna Mbariket:

Howdy Texas FFA!

My name is Terianna Moore Mbariket, and I am proud to represent the Area VI as a state officer candidate! For the longest time, I didn't believe I had much to offer the FFA because I wasn't raised in this environment like so many officers before me. However, I quickly realized that many of you felt the same way, and I made it my mission to change that. I discovered my passion to inspire and uplift my fellow members, and I realized that running for state office was the best way to help you do the same. I've always said that you members are the backbone of the FFA and it's true. I hope that I can help you to realize that you belong here and that you are just as important as the Texas FFA State officers. I encourage you to find your place and passion in the FFA and give it your all, because we only have so much time in this organization. We didn't join the FFA to be spectators, we were meant to be participants! I want you to get involved and build your story, and I look forward to hearing it one day!

Terianna Moore Mbariket
Area VI State Officer Candidate


Area VII

Patrick Clay:

Hello Texas FFA Friends,

Growing up through middle school, I remember being that nerdy kid that never quite fit into a certain crowd. In high school I wanted to find friends and an activity that attracted my interest. I enrolled in an ag education class my freshman year and started getting involved. I had amazing opportunities provided by FFA and developed meaningful lifelong relationships. One of the reasons that I loved ag so much is because no one looked at me for what I wasn’t; everyone looked at me for what I was. My name is Patrick Clay. I believe the difference that we make in this world is determined by our action. Action is the foundation of all success. FFA has taught me that in order for us to be successful in high school, and in life, we have to put our dreams and aspirations into action. I found my dream and true aspiration to become the state president for the Texas FFA at the State FFA Convention my freshman year. I have acted upon my dream through hard work and determination and strengthened my leadership skills through FFA. I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best values of this nation. I believe in the future leaders of America, because they will be the future farmers of America. I believe in each and every one of you and I hope I will be humbled with the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level in the upcoming year. Thanks for the support, and God Bless!

Patrick Clay
Area VII State Officer Candidate

Jason Edmonson:

Texas FFA,

First, I would like to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for befriending, supporting and teaching me so much. I know my life would not have been successful without you. And so with that, I want to give back to this organization, and there is no greater way to do that than as your 2015-2016 Texas FFA State President! It would be an honor to travel across the great state of Texas, meeting each of you, and dedicating a year of my life to this organization. I hope my experience in school, the FFA through my LDEs, CDEs, and SAEs, and my overall nerdiness can bring something new and exciting to the FFA. Do not allow me to hang up the jacket for the last time now. I ask you grant me the opportunity to serve YOU over this next year. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy convention; it is always an exciting time with friends, eating fast food, staying up late, and ag teachers fighting with the GPS.

God Bless,
Jason Edmondson
Area VII State Officer Candidate



Shannon Butler:

Howdy Texas FFA!

My name is Shannon Butler and I am a member of the Waxahachie FFA Chapter and the, oh so great, Area VIII FFA Association. I would like to take this opportunity to express my incredible desire in becoming your next Texas FFA President. This has been a dream of mine for a while now, and it is time to make this dream come true. I could tell you what I have been involved in and all of my accomplishments however, I do not want this to be about me. I want to serve each member in this incredible organization and help make their time in the FFA the best time of their life. My favorite bible verse Phillippians 2:3 states, “Do nothing out of selfish conceit or ambition, but in humility consider others more significant than yourselves.” I will put this State Association and its needs before my own in an effort to make the Texas FFA the most successful student led organization, not only in our state, but in our country. My heart and soul holds so much love and passion for the FFA and everything it embodies. I would be forever grateful if you gave me the opportunity to share it with you.

Sincerely yours,
Shannon Butler
Area VIII State Officer Candidate

Austin Todd:


Texas FFA it is truly an honor to serve you. As a small town kid from Penelope, Texas, this is a dream come true. Four years ago I attended my first convention in Lubbock, Texas. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to become a state officer. I spent the last four years cramped up in the ag truck traveling across the state from San Angelo to Nacogdoches, and from Jacksboro to Sinton. I have logged many miles in the pursuit of my dream to serve you. Texas FFA I have been blessed with this opportunity to serve you and to serve the over one hundred thousand like you. If you take one thing away from this convention let it be this; Always chase your dreams no matter what the cost and no matter how high that mountain is that sits in front of you. The reward you will receive will not always be obvious, but it will be worth it.

James Austin Todd
Area VIII State Officer Candidate
“Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” –Richard M. Nixon


Area IX

Jass Gilfillian:

Ladies and Gentleman of the Texas FFA,

I would like to start by welcoming you to the state convention! My name is Jass Gilfillian, I am a senior from Hardin Jefferson High School. I have been in FFA for three of the most wonderful and educational years of my life. From the first time I put on my blue corduroy jacket and realized the significant of being able to wear that jacket. I was on the path that would lead me to this stage tonight. I began this journey like most others. I signed up for those fun classes that most said were just to get credits. Well let me tell you that those fun classes have lead me to do more work in my last three years than any other class I took. I was challenged from the beginning to become a leader and join in on different activities. I did and my path went from chapter officer to district officer and now to this point in my life. As we all know from experience fear tends to keep us from joining into activities. Remember the first time you rode a bike by yourself. Fear was there but it soon faded as you became confident. The same goes for being involved in FFA. Just grab hold of the handlebars and enjoy the ride.

Jass Gilfillian
Area IX State Officer Candidate

Coy Westbrook:

Hello Texas FFA Members,

First, I would like to welcome you to the convention. My name is Coy Westbrook, and I am a senior and five year FFA member from Centerville – Groveton High School. It was always a dream of mine to wear the blue and gold jacket, and I never knew the profound effect that the FFA would have on me. In 2011 at my first district convention, I was inspired by the words of Mr. Colt Gresham, the then Area IX State Vice President to run for the office of State FFA President. Over the next year it is my dream to inspire others to reach their dreams just as I was inspired to reach mine. Texas FFA as your State President I will help you excel and help you make your impossible dreams possible. I hope that together we can show the world why the Texas FFA is the greatest youth lead organization in the world. We are a family Texas FFA, and together there is nothing that can stop you from overcoming all obstacles to reach your dreams!

Coy Westbrook
Area IX State Officer Candidate
“Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom” - General George S. Patton


Area X

Trey Elizondo:

Hello Texas FFA!

My name is Trey Elizondo from the Yoakum FFA Chapter. I have been in FFA for four years and feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to zip up this national blue and corn gold jacket. From the first time I was given my first FFA jacket I have felt like I am a part of something so much greater than myself. It is in this jacket I have grown my confidence, become a better leader, and most of all, learned to dream. It is in this jacket a dream was born inside my heart to serve this great organization and give back to the organization that has given me so much. I truly believe this jacket is the wings to fly places we could never imagine. So let’s fly together Texas FFA, because I truly believe that every single one of you has the potential to fly unimaginable places through this jacket.

Trey Elizondo
Area X State Officer Candidate
“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but instead lead an example for the believers for speech, conduct, faith, love and purity.”
-1 Timothy 4:12

Alejandro Garcia:

Hey Texas FFA,

My name is Alex Garcia, and I hope you give me the opportunity to serve in the 2015-2016 state officer team. Throughout my life I’ve encountered many obstacles and the one thing I’ve learned is that you should never give up. No matter what the circumstances are, if you want to achieve something in life you have to go out and do it. You might have people tell you along the way that it’s impossible, or it can’t be done, but use that as your motivation. Remember at the end of the day it’s your dreams you’re trying to achieve not theirs. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you stand up and keep moving forward. My goal as a state officer is to motivate members to achieve and reach what they truly want to accomplish. I’m not looking for what I can gain from this experience, but how I can serve you and to this great organization. Knowing that I helped someone achieve something that they really wanted is a whole lot more rewarding than a title.

Alex Garcia Texas
Area X State Officer Candidate

The following officer candidate greetings are excerpts from their resumes which can be found at www.texasffa.org